Who We Are


The Solutions Team offers our clients a single interface and "value-based" resource team specializing in deepwater system engineering and project management coupled with a provision for equipment  design, fabrication, installation and field  maintenance & intervention. 

In addition, we can apply our Deepwater Expertise to leverage our marine assets to provide:

  • Shallow water light duty construction and Diving Support Vessels
  • DP3 mid-sized construction and installation vessels,
  • Deepwater winch systems,
  • Rigging / Logistic service within our  GOM shore base facility

We integrate these resources by our Experienced Project Management, and Subsea Engineering Team to meet your subsea project needs at any phase of field life.


Subsea Services We Provide

  • Subsea Tree, Controls and Tooling Expertise
  • Subsea System Engineering - Layout and Planning
  • Rig Selection & Interface Drafting Support (2D, 3D and animation)
  • Equipment Design and Functional Specifications
  • Intervention Equipment and Operations
  • Risk Management and Identification
  • Operational Procedures
  • System Integration Testing
  • Equipment Management and Maintenance
  • Intervention Riser systems design and controls
  • Riser analysis and DP Operability Planning
  • Deepwater Well Testing Operations
  • ROV Interface management and Operational Planning
  • New Technology Development and Field applications
  • Operational Sequence Optimization
  • Scheduling
  • Contingency Planning and Evaluation
Project History
Chevron Tahiti 4,000 SS Intervention Systems 
Chevron  Blind Faith 7,000 SS Project Engineering & Intervention 
BP Thunder Horse 7,000 SS Engineering , Intervention Eq, Rig Systems
Shell  Na Kika 7000ft + System Installation & System Planning 
Shell  Macaroni 4,000 SS Tree / Well Jumper Installation / Commission
Shell  King Project 3,300 SS Tree / Well Jumper Installation / Commission
Exxon  Kizomba  4,000 Subsea Engineering/ SS Trees
Shell  Mensa  5,700 Systems Engineering / Installation/ Well Test
Shell  Mars (SS Satellite) 3,300 SS Tree / Jumper Installation / Commission
Shell  Popeye 2,200 System Engineering/Construction/  Installation / Well Test
Shell  Rocky 1350 System Engineering 
Aerial View of Cross Equipment - 2007
CrossMar Barge 7
CrossMar Barge 14
CrossMar Barge 14 with Saturation Diving Spread
DP3 Barge CM21
MSV Back Deck 2
Pipeline Pull in Mountains
PLET Installation
Test Rig - Chain Jack System
Subsea Flying Lead
Winch Deployment SS Equipment
Winch Installed on Deepwater Rig for SS installation
Winch MSV back deck
Cross Winch System


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